Sailing World Cup | Miami
Regatta Details
Start Date22 January 2017
End Date29 January 2017
Entry NameSWC Registration
Entry AddressWorld Sailing
Tel+ 44 2380 635 111
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US Sailing's premier event - the 28th running of Sailing World Cup Miami - will return to Miami, Florida. for top-level Olympic class racing. As the only North American regatta to be included in World Sailing's 2016-17 Sailing World Cup series, the regatta is a mainstay on the winter circuit for sailors campaigning for the next Olympic Games.

Competitors in the 49er, 49er FX, RS:X, and Nacra events will have five days of fleet racing from Tuesday, January 24 to Friday, January 27 with medal races on Saturday, January 28. Athletes competing in the Laser, Radial, Finn, and 470 will have six days of fleet racing from Tuesday, January 24 to Saturday, January 28, with medal races for all classes. Medals will be awarded to the top three boats in each class.

Regatta Headquarters will be located at the City of Miami's Regatta Park, in Coconut Grove, Miami, Fla. Additional hosts for the event include the US Sailing Centre Miami (a U.S. Olympic Training Site), Coconut Grove Sailing Club and Shake-A-Leg Miami. These sailing organisations host classes onshore, as well as help run the on-the-water racing. The Coral Reef Yacht Club hosts the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

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1 Jan, 01:00
Fleet racing Men 470 200Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Women 470 200Overall Results
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Fleet racing Men 49er 200Overall Results
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Fleet racing Women 49erFX 200Overall Results
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Fleet racing Men Finn 200Overall Results
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Fleet racing Men Laser 200Overall Results
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Fleet racing Women Laser Radial 200Overall Results
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Fleet racing Mixed Nacra 17 200Overall Results
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Fleet racing Men RS:X 200Overall Results
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Fleet racing Women RS:X 200Overall Results
Race Results
SWC Series Round 1 - Miami22 Jan 2017 - 29 Jan 2017
Laser Radial (Women) Fleet racing
Position Nation Sail Number Net Points Total Points Crew
1GREGRE 19485728.0044.00Vasileia Karachaliou
2BELBEL 21047346.0072.00Evi Van Acker
3FRAFRA 19654469.0096.00Mathilde de Kerangat
4FINFIN 203033109.00161.00Monika Mikkola
5FRAFRA 207562109.00146.00Marie Bolou
6BELBEL 208778126.00158.00Emma Plasschaert
7USAUSA 184454138.00172.00Erika Reineke
8CHNCHN 201213144.00196.00Dongshuang Zhang
9ITAITA 210580147.00173.00Silvia Zennaro
10SUISUI 199846152.00201.00Maud Jayet
11NEDNED 211391135.00187.00Maxime Jonker
12BLRBLR 203778137.00170.00Tatiana Drozdovskaya
13CANCAN 204468148.00200.00Brenda Bowskill
14JPNJPN 199066150.00202.00Manami Doi
15ITAITA 206452157.00191.00Joyce Floridia
16ARGARG 205491158.00210.00Lucía Falasca
17URUURU 204452159.00193.00Dolores Moreira Fraschini
18BELBEL 210469172.00224.00Maité Carlier
19GBRGBR 210533184.00236.00Georgina Povall
20VENVEN 191954189.00241.00Daniela Rivera
21CANCAN 206104197.00249.00Sarah Douglas
22POLPOL 211108198.00240.00Agata Barwinska
23ESPESP 210468201.00253.00Martina Reino Cacho
24GREGRE 211052210.00243.00Athanasia FAKIDI
25BRABRA 204587218.00265.00Gabriella Kidd
26CHNCHN 210304221.00273.00Rubei Yuan
27USAUSA 180087230.00273.00Christina Sakellaris
28SUISUI 208300237.00277.00Andrea Nordquist
29GERGER 210135239.00291.00Pauline Liebig
30FRAFRA 206374239.00287.00Marie Barrue
31PERPER 182332247.00299.00Paloma Schmidt Gutiérrez
32RUSRUS 203667250.00302.00Ekaterina Zyuzina
33USAUSA 209313256.00300.00Sophia Reineke
34USAUSA 197044259.00298.00Carly Broussard
35ITAITA 210080261.00313.00Valentina Balbi
36FRAFRA 209019266.00314.00Pernelle Michon
37TTOTTO 075070267.00317.00Kelly-Ann Arrindell
38USAUSA 199144270.00322.00Haddon Hughes
39GUAGUA 190816275.00327.00Isabella Maegli Agüero
40CANCAN 210105277.00329.00Maura Dewey
41USAUSA 196848284.00329.00Charlotte Rose
42CANCAN 198678287.00334.00Corinne Peters
43CROCRO 207268294.00346.00Sandra Lulic
44ITAITA 209100302.00348.00Francesca Frazza
45USAUSA 208574322.00368.00Hallie Schiffman
46USAUSA 208049326.00375.00Hanne Weaver
47USAUSA 209349355.00400.00Lillian Myers
48USAUSA 203630356.00405.00Sophia Solé
49MEXMEX 208757370.00421.00Alejandra Margarita Montemayor
50USAUSA 200123384.00436.00Kelly Cole
51MEXMEX 170002410.00461.00Alejandra Peña
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