Sailing World Cup | Miami
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Start Date23 January 2016
End Date30 January 2016
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Entry AddressUS Sailing
Tel+ 1 401 683 0800
Fax+ 1 401 683 0840
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From 25 - 30 January 2016 Sailing World Cup Miami returns to the waters of Biscayne Bay, bringing together the world's top Olympic and Paralympic class competitors.

The regatta is a mainstay on the winter circuit for sailors who are campaigning for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Competitions. More than 780 athletes will feature across the ten Olympic and two Paralympic events from Monday 25 to Saturday 30 January and as an Olympic qualifier for North and South America the stakes are high at the regatta.

As well as World Cup Miami honours, the gold medallists in each event will qualify for the Sailing World Cup Final in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Fleet racing Disabled Men 2.4 Metre 1Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Men 470 200Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Women 470 200Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Men 49er 200Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Women 49erFX 200Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Men Finn 200Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Men Laser 200Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Women Laser Radial 200Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Mixed Nacra 17 200Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Men RS:X 200Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Women RS:X 200Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Disabled Men Sonar 1Overall Results
Race Results
Sailing World Cup Miami23 Jan 2016 - 30 Jan 2016
RS:X (Men) Fleet racing
Position Nation Sail Number Net Points Total Points Crew
1NEDNED 837.0042.00Dorian Van Rijsselberghe
2GBRGBR 143.0096.00Nick Dempsey
3CHNCHN 146.0062.00Aichen Wang
4POLPOL 18249.00102.00Pawel Tarnowski
5NEDNED 950.0062.00Kiran Badloe
6POLPOL 126112.00126.00Przemyslaw Miarczynski
7JPNJPN 11113.00139.00Makoto Tomizawa
8BRABRA-1114.00146.00Ricardo Santos
9GBRGBR 9126.00152.00Tom Squires
10ITAITA 60134.00162.00Daniele Benedetti
11ITAITA 88123.00176.00Mattia Camboni
12PORPOR 7124.00146.00João Rodrigues
13HKGHKG 16127.00180.00Chun Leung Michael Cheng
14ESPESP 7137.00190.00Ivan Pastor Lafuente
15GBRGBR 926138.00191.00Kieran Holmes Martin
16ARGARG 8153.00182.00Mariano Reutemann
17CHNCHN 6161.00214.00Chunzhuang Liu
18MEXMEX-1162.00188.00David Mier y Teran
19NORNOR 7163.00193.00Sebastian Wang-Hansen
20CANCAN 33164.00195.00Zachary Plavsic
21HUNHUN 1168.00196.00Aron Gadorfalvi
22RUSRUS 3172.00209.00Evgeny Ayvazyan
23ARGARG 401179.00232.00Bautista Saubidet Birkner
24USAUSA 11187.00220.00Pedro PASCUAL
25MEXMEX 58195.00236.00Juan Bosco Varela Barba
26HKGHKG 2212.00265.00Ho Tsun Leung
27RUSRUS 7221.00274.00Aleksandr Askerov
28NEDNED 18231.00284.00Matthijs Van 't Hoff
29MEXMEX 11231.00284.00Ignacio Berenguer
30BRABRA 127248.00301.00Gabriel Bastos Pereira
31VENVEN 1265.00318.00Daniel Flores
32USAUSA 75285.00338.00Carson Crain
33ARUARU 11286.00339.00Mack van den Eerenbeemt
34USAUSA 5298.00351.00Raul Lopez
35TURTUR 399317.00370.00Onur Cavit Biriz
36COLCOL 1327.20380.20Santiago Grillo
37CANCAN 29330.00383.00Gabriel Verrier Paquette
38CANCAN 51337.00390.00Jean-Sébastien fugère
39TURTUR 7353.00406.00Pamir Sackan
40USAUSA 0359.00412.00Ben Barger
41ESTEST 16361.00414.00Rainer Kasekivi
42DENDEN 158368.00421.00Sebastian Fleischer
43CHICHI 1381.00434.00Eduardo Herman
44USAUSA 3393.00446.00Philip Muller
45EGYEGY 9397.00450.00Mohamed Elsafty
46USAUSA-17426.00479.00Mark Boersma
47ARUARU 888428.00481.00Steven Lageveen
48PERPER 20429.00482.00Alessio Botteri
49CANCAN 21430.00483.00Max Robinson
50USAUSA-33436.00489.00William Mason
51COLCOL 64451.00504.00Camilo Galeano
52USAUSA-4477.00530.00Maximo Nores
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