Sailing World Cup | Miami
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Start Date23 January 2016
End Date30 January 2016
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Entry AddressUS Sailing
Tel+ 1 401 683 0800
Fax+ 1 401 683 0840
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From 25 - 30 January 2016 Sailing World Cup Miami returns to the waters of Biscayne Bay, bringing together the world's top Olympic and Paralympic class competitors.

The regatta is a mainstay on the winter circuit for sailors who are campaigning for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Competitions. More than 780 athletes will feature across the ten Olympic and two Paralympic events from Monday 25 to Saturday 30 January and as an Olympic qualifier for North and South America the stakes are high at the regatta.

As well as World Cup Miami honours, the gold medallists in each event will qualify for the Sailing World Cup Final in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Fleet racing Disabled Men 2.4 Metre 1Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Men 470 200Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Women 470 200Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Men 49er 200Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Women 49erFX 200Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Men Finn 200Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Men Laser 200Overall Results
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Fleet racing Women Laser Radial 200Overall Results
Race Results
Fleet racing Mixed Nacra 17 200Overall Results
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Fleet racing Men RS:X 200Overall Results
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Fleet racing Women RS:X 200Overall Results
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Fleet racing Disabled Men Sonar 1Overall Results
Race Results
Sailing World Cup Miami23 Jan 2016 - 30 Jan 2016
Laser Radial (Women) Fleet racing
Position Nation Sail Number Net Points Total Points Crew
1BELBEL 20717927.0069.00Evi Van Acker
2NEDNED 20633331.0057.00Marit Bouwmeester
3DENDEN 20719565.0079.00Sarah Gunni Schierup
4GBRGBR 20625168.0086.00Alison Young
5BELBEL 20877870.0098.00Emma Plasschaert
6FINFIN 20267071.0085.00Tuula Tenkanen
7USAUSA 19711177.0095.00Paige Railey
8FRAFRA 19654478.00108.00Mathilde de Kerangat
9DENDEN 20719481.00109.00Anne-Marie Rindom
10BLRBLR 20377882.00107.00Tatiana Drozdovskaya
11ITAITA 20645277.0096.00Joyce Floridia
12CHNCHN 17711780.00116.00Lijia Xu
13ITAITA 20835791.00116.00Silvia Zennaro
14SWESWE 20835396.00138.00Josefin Olsson
15CANCAN 204468103.00145.00Brenda Bowskill
16TURTUR 206648105.00147.00Nazli Cagla Donertas
17USAUSA 184454106.00132.00Erika Reineke
18FRAFRA 207562107.00131.00Marie Bolou
19GERGER 208132119.00154.00Svenja Weger
20POLPOL 208652133.00175.00Agata Barwinska
21ARGARG 205491133.00174.00Lucía Falasca
22FINFIN 203033134.00176.00Monika Mikkola
23URUURU 196957134.00172.00Dolores Moreira Fraschini
24BRABRA 204591134.00172.00Fernanda DEMETRIO
25BRABRA 175470137.00174.00Odile Ginaid
26ITAITA 208633138.00180.00Martha Faraguna
27NZLNZL 202441139.00177.00Sara Winther
28BELBEL 207172144.00183.00Maité Carlier
29SGPSIN 186755147.00178.00Elizabeth Yin
30FRAFRA 196703147.00189.00Sophie de Turckheim
31SUISUI 193470152.00194.00Lucie BEN-AMOR
32CANCAN 206892156.00198.00Isabella-Anna Bertold
33NORNOR 204904158.00200.00Marthe Eide
34FRAFRA 202124159.00201.00Amélie Riou
35GERGER 209797166.00208.00Pauline Liebig
36PERPER 182332176.00213.00Paloma Schmidt Gutiérrez
37DENDEN 198297186.00222.00Sofie Slotsgaard
38ITAITA 194941188.00230.00Laura Cosentino
39USAUSA 189813189.00222.00Lindsey Baab
40BERBER 204787193.00232.00Cecilia Wollmann
41MEXMEX 199929203.00243.00Natalia Montemayor
42TTOTTO 7507099.00132.00Kelly-Ann Arrindell
43USAUSA 208049108.00150.00Hanne Weaver
44SUISUI 208300114.00146.00Andrea Nordquist
45CANCAN 198678114.00141.00Corinne Peters
46TURTUR 204515116.00158.00Ecem Güzel
47FRAFRA 209019120.00161.00Pernelle Michon
48IRLIRL 206937127.00169.00Annalise Murphy
49USAUSA 209313131.00155.00Sophia Reineke
50CAYCAY 206088131.00173.00Florence Allan
51VENVEN 191954141.00183.00Daniela Rivera
52GUAGUA 178555143.00185.00Isabella Maegli Agüero
53USAUSA 208574143.00177.00Hallie Schiffman
54BRABRA 204587145.00187.00Gabriella Kidd
55USAUSA 197044146.00182.00Carly Broussard
56PERPER 201218147.00179.00Caterina Romero Aguirre
57CHICHI 207076156.00198.00Clara Ben-Amor Nunez
58USAUSA 199144157.00199.00Haddon Hughes
59USAUSA 192427158.00200.00Christine Neville
60CANCAN 206104160.00202.00Sarah Douglas
61USAUSA 206059160.00194.00Talia Toland
62GUAGUA 176196160.00202.00Andrea Aldana
63USAUSA 188663164.00202.00Anna Weis
64IRLIRL 205770164.00196.00Aoife Hopkins
65ECUECU 188744166.00208.00Maria Daniela Rodriguez
66USAUSA 199385168.00206.00Riley Legault
67CANCAN 195591177.00219.00Violet Stafford
68LCALCA 184402179.00221.00Stephanie Devaux-Lovell
69THAUSA 196848179.00214.00Charlotte Rose
70USAUSA 180087188.00227.00Christina Sakellaris
71CANCAN 203632189.00230.00Coralie Vittecoq
72CANCAN 210105191.00233.00Maura Dewey
73MEXMEX 183137201.00243.00Tania Elias Calles
74USAUSA 187760208.00250.00Emily Wright
75MEXMEX 208757212.00252.00Alejandra Margarita Montemayor
76MEXMEX 206562213.00250.00Elena Oetling
77USAUSA 200123231.00273.00Kelly Cole
78MEXMEX 208097244.00285.00Keyla Darani Hernandez Oviedo
79USAUSA 204097256.00298.00Sarah Alexander
80CUBCUB 205483257.00299.00Jaimet Vazquez
81USAUSA 199400261.00303.00Christina Persson
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