Sailing World Cup | Hyeres
Regatta Details
Start Date25 April 2016
End Date1 May 2016
Entry NameAntonio Gonzalez de la Madrid
Entry AddressWorld Sailing
Tel+ 44 2380 635 111
Fax+ 44 2380 635 789
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The Sailing World Cup - Hyères TPM, last leg of the World Cup, is the only French meeting on the circuit.
Historically, the town used to host the SOF or French Olympic Week. In 2013, World Sailing awarded it the prestigious Sailing World Cup label, thereby confirming its status as an integral part of the circuit.

The Sailing World Cup - Hyères TPM brings together the very best international competitors over a 10 day period and, as such, it is the biggest sailing event in France in terms of participants and international representation. A veritable feast of sailing and a vital part of preparation for the Olympics, the Sailing World Cup is a flagship event attended by all the greatest athletes.

SWC in figures:

10 Olympic series entered
2 Paralympic series
60 nations represented
350 organisers and volunteers
80 organiser boats
27 international judges

It was in 1968 that Abel Bellaguet had the idea of organising an international event in Hyères. The Olympic spirit was at the forefront from the very beginning and yet no one would have bet on the 150 boat regatta still being around 46 years on. It was only much later that the FFV started to provide support, knowhow, expertise and resources to enable the Hyères competition to achieve critical mass.

Initiated by a sailor for other sailors, the French Olympic Week, or SOF (as it was known), was an immediate success due to the excellent organisation and the quality of the venue. From the very beginnings in 1968, the Olympic spirit reigned and the triangular courses marked out in the harbour were equalled only by those set out by the organisers of the Olympic Games in Mexico, Munich or Montreal. Following the successes enjoyed in the early years, the FFV decided to increase the number of circuits, or the available surface area, to enable 240 boats from 16 nations to compete as of the early 70s. "It was then that we embarked on the path to Olympic status" declares Abel Bellaguet, "at the time it was a surprise. And this expansion was only the first in a long series, driven by a certain globalisation of Olympic sailing.

Another milestone was reached in 1991 when the FFV took on direct responsibility for organising the event, working closely with the municipal services of the town of Hyères-Les Palmiers. Since then, the SOF has never stopped growing and has become a leader in this type of event. In 2001, it did what only very few international regattas dare to attempt, or indeed any other sports, and welcomed disabled competitors. In reality, the Sailing World Cup has never been so young and its heritage as precious. It is even proud of its wrinkles, because it is the wind that has etched them into its waters.

Fleet racing Disabled Men 2.4 Metre 1Overall Results
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Fleet racing Men 470 200Overall Results
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Fleet racing Women 470 200Overall Results
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Fleet racing Men 49er 200Overall Results
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Fleet racing Women 49erFX 200Overall Results
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Fleet racing Mixed Nacra 17 200Overall Results
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Sailing World Cup Hyeres25 Apr 2016 - 01 May 2016
Laser (Men) Fleet racing
Position Nation Sail Number Net Points Total Points Crew
1GERGER 20980153.0085.00Philipp Buhl
2NZLNZL 21048156.0068.00Sam Meech
3AUSAUS 19901258.0072.00Tom Burton
4AUSAUS 19901559.0072.00Matthew Wearn
5NZLNZL 20786260.0080.00Andy Maloney
6GBRGBR 20914168.0097.00Nick Thompson
7FRAFRA 20902178.00101.00Jean Baptiste Bernaz
8NEDNED 21018983.00107.00Nicholas Heiner
9POLPOL 20871097.00117.00Kacper Ziemiński
10NEDNED 206745101.00142.00Rutger van Schaardenburg
11ESTEST 20372484.00112.00Karl-Martin Rammo
12BELBEL 20201691.00127.00Wannes Van Laer
13CROCRO 210746100.00131.00Tonci Stipanovic
14CYPCYP 210017102.00137.00Pavlos Kontides
15KORKOR 201491103.00133.00Jeemin Ha
16CROCRO-207268111.00148.00Filip Jurišić
17ESAESA 180192125.00156.00Enrique Jose Arathoon Pacas
18AUSAUS 209261125.00162.00Mitchell Kennedy
19SGPSIN 197538125.00155.00Colin Cheng
20NZLNZL 207496126.00167.00Andrew McKenzie
21GBRGBR 209134128.00169.00Elliot Hanson
22FRAFRA 202018135.00164.00Eliot Merceron
23GBRGBR 206940137.00178.00Lorenzo Brando Chiavarini
24AUSAUS 210464138.00169.00Luke Elliott
25SLOSLO 210025141.00176.00Zan Luka Zelko
26FRAFRA 208360145.00180.00Antony Munos
27SWESWE 199617162.00203.00Jesper Stalheim
28AUSAUS 208331165.00202.00Jeremy O'Connell
29DENDEN 208371167.00199.00Michael Hansen
30ITAITA 210076169.00210.00Francesco Marrai
31CANCAN 207130184.00219.00Robert Davis
32NEDNED 207471189.00230.00Yuri Hummel
33NEDNED 206717192.00228.00Duko Bos
34BELBEL 210472196.00234.00Sam Vandormael
35CANCAN 197731196.00229.00Evert McLaughlin
36USAUSA 211172204.00245.00Christopher Barnard
37ARGARG 207117228.00268.00Agustin Vidal Incatasciato
38CANCAN 208069231.00271.00Fillah Karim
39BELBEL 210470232.00271.00William De Smet
40RSARSA 207559234.00273.00Stefano Marcia
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