Semaine Olympique Francaise 2009
Regatta Details
Start Date18 April 2009
End Date24 April 2009
Entry NameFederation Francaise de Voile
Entry Address17 rue Henri Bocquillon, 75015, Paris
Tel+ 33 1 40 60 37 12
Fax+ 33 1 40 60 37 37
Registration Lists n/a
The Semaine Olympique Francaise, or simply Hyères as it is commonly known, is one of the major regattas in the international Olympic sailing circuit.

The SOF was created in 1968 with 60 sailors from 12 nations competing on Finn and 5.5m. In the early 1970s, they were 240 sailors from 16 nations, most of them being Europeans. In the 1980s, overseas countries began to join the European circuit. In 2008, for the 40th SOF, 930 sailors competed in Hyères, on 690 boats representing 61 nations. One hundred and forty-five coach boats were registered, and the event was run by about 300 volunteers, including 15 International Judges and nine International Race Officers.

Initiated and still organized by sailors for other sailors, the SOF has convinced by its rigorous organization and the quality of the racing area. When ISAF decided to change the racing format of sailing at Olympic Games, in the early 1990s, with smaller fleets on shorter courses, the SOF was among the first events to experiment group systems with qualifying and final rounds. This was the beginning of trapezoid courses, replacing the former "Olympic triangle". The new organization needed to have a solid headquarter onshore with experienced PROs, able to coordinate racing on five or six racing areas simultaneously and looking for consistency of the race management. In 2002, Paralympic classes were included in Hyères programme, allowing disabled sailors to join Olympic sailors on the same venue, competing and celebrating sport at the same time.

2009 should start a new era for the SOF, with the ISAF Sailing World Cup label and the support of the city of Hyères extended to TPM (Toulon Provence Méditerranée), community of cities around Toulon.

Fleet racing Disabled Men 2.4 Metre Overall Results
Fleet racing Men 470 1Overall Results
Fleet racing Women 470 1Overall Results
Fleet racing Open 49er 1Overall Results
Fleet racing Open Finn 1Overall Results
Fleet racing Men Laser 1Overall Results
Fleet racing Women Laser Radial 1Overall Results
Windsurfing Men RS:X 1Overall Results
Windsurfing Women RS:X 1Overall Results
Fleet racing Disabled Men SKUD 18 Overall Results
Fleet racing Disabled Men Sonar Overall Results
Fleet racing Men Star 1Overall Results
Semaine Olympique Francaise18 Apr 2009 - 24 Apr 2009
RS:X (Men) Windsurfing
Position Nation Sail Number Net Points Total Points Crew
1ISRn/aShahar Zubari
2FRAn/aJulien Bontemps
3GBRn/aNick Dempsey
4BRAn/aRicardo Santos
5FRAn/aSamuel LAUNAY
6PORn/aJoão Rodrigues
7POLn/aPiotr Myszka
8HKGn/aKing Yin Chan
9CHNn/aZhennan Fang
10POLn/aLukasz Grodzicki
11POLn/aMaksymilian Wojcik
12ITAn/aFederico Esposito
13CHNn/aXiaohong Zeng
14FRAn/aAlexandre GUYADER
15UKRn/aMax Oberemko
16HKGn/aChi Ho Ho
17FRAn/aFabrice HASSEN
18POLn/aPrzemyslaw Miarczynski
19FRAn/aEtienne SAÏZ
21ESPn/aIvan Pastor Lafuente
22FRAn/aantoine Cordonnier
23FRAn/aQuentin Henry
24HKGn/aKwok Fai Cheng
25CHNn/aLiwei Wu
26ISRn/aliran machlev
27ISRn/aNimrod Mashiah
28ARGn/aMariano Reutemann
29FRAn/anicolas le gal
30CYPn/aAndreas Cariolou
31USAn/aBen Barger
32GERn/aToni Wilhelm
34FRAn/aJuliano Congar-Scalabrin
35GREn/aThiseas Kampas
36POLn/aMichał Przybytek
37CHNn/aYikai Huang
38CALn/aBenjamin TILLIER
39POLn/aMichal Majewski
40ESPn/aJuan Manuel Moreno Vega
41THAn/aNatthaphong Phonoppharat
42DENn/aJonas Kaeldso
43GERn/aMax Oberberger
44THAn/aEk Boonsawad
46GBRn/aElliot Carney
49FRAn/aBenjamin MADEC
50GREn/ageorge Karagiorgos
51HKGn/aHo Tsun Leung
52POLn/aKamil ZWOLAK
53ISRn/aOmri Hazor
54BLRn/aMikalai Zhukavets
55RUSn/aKonstantin Peredkov
56RUSn/aRoman Matsyusovic
57ARGn/aNahuel Abram
58POLn/aCezary Roslen
59RUSn/aAlexey Tokarev
60TUNn/aKarim Achour
61ITAn/aAlessandro Giannini
62FRAn/avianney andre
63MEXn/aAlberto Campos
64COLn/aSantiago Grillo
65BELn/aArne Herpoele
66ALGn/aMohamed Dilmi
67LTUn/aJuozas Bernotas
68NORn/aSebastian Wang-Hansen
69POLn/aJan Maszkiewicz
70ALGn/aHamza Bouras
71RUSn/aAnton Shelikhov
72ALGn/aAbdelhamid Ziani
73GERn/athomas Kleine
74GERn/aChristian Freimüller
75POLn/aJan Sulinski
76POLn/aPawel Jankowski
77COLn/aNicolas Lozano
78CROn/aMihovil Fantela
79RUSn/aDmitrii Polishchuk
80TUNn/aHaithem Laadouz
81LTUn/aMartynas Juodeska
82ARGn/aJeremy Lopez Becker
83CZEn/aKarel Lavicky
84HUNn/aIstv Erd
85BERn/aAlex Jones
86SWEn/aJohan Ekstedt
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