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World Sailing Judicial Decisions

Disciplinary and appeal decisions within World Sailing are determined by Independent Panels appointed by the Judicial Board. Decisions made by MNAs are decided by the disciplinary systems of those MNAs.

The Judicial Board members are:

  • Hon. Ruth Miller (Chair)
  • Alberto Predieri (Vice-Chair)
  • Prof. Bruce Collins QC
  • Mark Yeadon
  • Dr. Anne Jakob
  • Dr. David Sharpes QC SC
  • Carol Roberts

Questions, reports or comments on disciplinary matters should be sent by email or in writing to the Chief Executive Officer.

You can also contact WADA as part of their Speak Up! program which aims to help keep the integrity of sport and protect clean athletes.

Suspended Sailors

Name Regarding Decision Decision (if available)
None at present N/A N/A N/A

Recent Decisions

Name Regarding Decision Decision if available
Olivier Bovyn Appeal of Race Official Committee Decision Dismissed Click here
Didier Flamme Appeal of Race Official Committee decision Dismissed Click here
Murray Jones Appeal of Regulation 32 Sanction Sanction set aside Click here

Competition Eligibility (World Sailing Regulations 19.1 to 19.3)

Under the World Sailing Eligibility Code (Regulation 19), all competitors are automatically granted Competition Eligibility. Competition Eligibility can be suspended or revoked (or have conditions imposed upon it) by either an World Sailing Member National Authority (within its own jurisdiction only) or by World Sailing.

A competitor who does not have Competition Eligibility (i.e. it has been suspended or revoked), or who is in breach of a condition imposed upon it, shall not compete in any competition in the sport of sailing to which any of the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing or World Sailing Regulations apply.

A boat that races with, as part of her crew, a competitor who is in breach of the Eligibility Code is to disqualified from all affected races in the event of a protest.

World Sailing Eligibility (World Sailing Regulations 19.4 to 19.7)

World Sailing Eligibility is an additional qualification to Competition Eligibility. A competitor has World Sailing Eligibility if he:

  • is a member of his Member National Authority or one of its affiliated organizations (such as a sailing club);
  • has agreed to be governed and bound by the World Sailing Regulations and any other requirement issued by World Sailing; and
  • has not had either his Competition Eligibility or World Sailing Eligibility suspended or revoked.

In addition, the competition must also be registered as an World Sailing Sailor on the World Sailing website if involved the following events:

  • the Olympic Sailing Competition;
  • the sailing events of Regional Games recognized by the International Olympic Committee;
  • events including "World Sailing" in their titles;
  • Olympic Qualification Events; and
  • World Sailing Graded Match Racing Events.

Events requiring World Sailing Eligibility

World Sailing Eligibility is required if a competitor is competing in any of the following events:

  • the Olympic Sailing Competition;
  • the sailing events of Regional Games recognized by the International Olympic Committee;
  • events including "World Sailing" in their titles;
  • world and continental championships of World Sailing Classes and world championships of the IMS, Major Events (see World Sailing Regulation 25.8.17) and other events approved by World Sailing as a world championship;
  • any event at which the organizing authority, MNA or World Sailing has appointed an International Jury, International Umpires, International Race Officers, International Measurers or World SailingTechnical Delegates to act in those capacities;
  • any event approved by an MNA as an Olympic qualification event;
  • any event designated by an MNA within its jurisdiction as requiring World Sailing Eligibility (must be required in the NOR and SIs); and
  • any event designated by World Sailing.
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