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OSR Structural Plan Review

Introduction and Aims

The aim of the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Structural Plan Review Scheme is to implement compliance with the requirements of World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations 3.03 - Hull Construction Standards (Scantlings).

The objective of the scheme is for World Sailing together with World Sailing recognized notified bodies to provide certification to designers, builders and/or owners to show compliance with specific parts of the International Standard ISO 12215: Hull Construction -Scantlings specified within the scope below.

Guidance and Procedure flow diagrams for Owners, Designers and/or Builders and Notified Bodies can be seen in the documents list below.

Plan Review

The structural plan review will be undertaken by World Sailing recognised notified bodies. These are organizations that are able to carry out assessments and issue CE certificates for the European Recreational Craft Directive and have also been recognized by World Sailing . World Sailing recognition is given to notified bodies that have demonstrated experience with ballasted sailing yachts, operate an ISO recognized quality management system and also undergo regular auditing by their national accreditation body. The list of notified bodies with contact information can be seen in the documents list below.


The scope of the plan review consists of application and calculation to the following parts of ISO12215 - Small Craft - Hull construction and scantlings:

ISO 12215 Part 5: Design pressures for monohulls, design stresses, scantlings determination
All parts and annexes where applicable to design category A ("ocean") - Sailing Craft
ISO 12215 Part 8: Rudders
All parts and annexes where applicable to design category A ("ocean") - Sailing Craft
ISO 12215 Part 9: Sailing Craft - Appendages
All parts and annexes where applicable to design category A ("ocean")


a) The boat shall show complete compliance with the above ISO standard parts.

b) In all applicable cases the ISO standards should be applied as the minimum.

c) Any interpretation of the ISO standard shall be as confirmed by World Sailing.

d) The latest version of the ISO standard shall be used at all times.

e) There is no building inspection or site visits. The review is plan based only.


There are two forms of certification:

a) Series production; where several boats of the same type are produced in accordance with the plans and therefore each yacht will not require individual review and certification

b) Custom or unique boat where the boat is a one of a kind yacht or a series production yacht that has been built or modified such that it is not in accordance with the plans of that series.

World Sailing will maintain a list of yachts reviewed under the scheme on its website with certification information. If the yacht is a series type production there will be a single entry for that type of yacht with a link to a certificate for an owner or builder to make a hardcopy. The owner then signs the declaration including the CIN/HIN of their particular yacht. For a unique yacht the certificate will not be published on the website and certificates will be issued direct from the World Sailing recognized notified body upon compliance with the review requirements.

The recognized notified body should return digital copies of series production certificates to World Sailing but are free to give them to individual owners on their request. Unique or custom certificates should be returned to the original enquiry source or their nominated individual.

OSR Series Plan Review Certificates

Azuree 46 - Plan Review
Beneteau First 53 - Plan Review
Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54
Bente 39 - Plan Review
Bermuda 50 - Plan Review
Botin 40 - Plan Review
CNB 66 - Plan Review
CNB 76 - Plan Review
CNB 76 v2 - Plan Review
Cape 31 - Plan Review
Cape 40 5G
Carkeek 40 - Plan Review
Carkeek 47 - Plan Review
Carkeek F40 - Plan Review
Clak 40 - Plan Review
Clipper 70 - Plan Review
Club Swan 50 - Plan Review
Columbia C32 - Plan Review
Cookson 52 - Plan Review
DK47 - Plan Review
Dehler 30 One Design-Plan Review
Dehler 41 - Plan Review
Dehler 46-Plan review
Dufour 460GL - Plan Review
Elliott 35ss - Plan Review
Farr 400 - Plan Review
Farr X2 - Plan Review
Figaro 3 – Plan Review
HH42 - Plan Review
HYD Class 40 - Plan Review
IC37-Plan Review
Iceni 39 - Plan Review
Italia 11.98 Yachts(IRC Keel)
J/111 - Plan Review
J/112E - Plan Review
J/121 - Plan Review
J/99 Plan Review
J/V PAC52 - Plan Review
JNA 39 - Plan Review
JPK 10.80 - Plan Review
JPK 1010 - Plan Review
JPK 1030 Plan Review
JPK 1180 - Plan Review
Jeanneau Sunfast 3300 - Plan Review
K36_Samurai - Plan Review
Ker 33 - Plan Review
Ker 40 OD - Plan Review
Ker 46+ - Plan Review
Ker 46+v2 - Plan Review
Ker Class 40 - Plan Review
Kiwi 40FC - Plan Review
L30-One Design-Plan Review
LM46 - Plan Review
M34 - Plan Review
MAT 1180 - Plan Review
MMW 33 - Plan Review
Mach 40 - Plan Review
Mach 40.3 - Plan Review
Mach 40.4 - Plan Review
Marten 55 - Plan Review
Mat 1010 - Plan Review
Max 40 - Plan Review
McConaghy 38 - Plan Review
Mylius 60FD - Plan Review
Neo 400+ - Plan Review
Neo 430 Sport Race - Plan Review
OSR Series Plan Review Certificates
Owen Clarke Class 40
Pogo 12.5 - Plan Review
Pogo 36 Plan Review
Pogo 40 S4 - Plan Review
Pogo 44 - Plan Review
Reichel Pugh 13.3 - Plan Review
Sabrosa SR40mk2 (Class 40) - Plan Review
Salona 35 - Plan Review
Salona 38 - Plan Review
Sormiou 29 - Plan Review
Sun Fast 3600 - Plan Review
Swan 48 - Plan Review
Swan 48-Plan Review
Swan 58 - Plan Review
Swan 58 - Plan Review
Swan 60 - Plan Review
Sydney GTS 43 - Plan Review
TYKER Evolution 3 - Plan Review
Volvo Ocean 65 - Plan Review
Waarschip W 36 - Plan Review
X4.3 - Plan Review
XP 50 Plan Review
XP44 - Plan Review
YD37 - Plan Review
YD37v2-Plan Review

OSR Plan Review Certificates - Custom Yachts

Below is the list of plan review certificates issued to date for custom yachts. These certificates are not available for download please contact the builder if a replacement certificate is required.
Certificate Number Notified
Boat Name Designer Builder Additional Notes
000001-0098-C GL TP52 - Team Origin Juan Yacht Design Salthouse Boatbuilders Ltd Launched 2010
000003-1681-C RYA Oystercatcher XXVIII (IRC 54) Humphrey Yacht Design Hakes Marine Launched 2010
000004-1681-C - V2 RYA Rikki (IRC 42) Reichel Pugh Yacht Design Davie Norris Boatbuilders Ltd Updated Rudder 2011
000007-0098-C GL TP52 - Ran Judel / Vrolijk Green Marine Launched 2011
000008-0098-C GL TP52 - Quantum Racing v2 Botin Carkeek Yacht Design Longitude Zero Launched 2011 / 2012 Keel Update
000009-0098-Cv4 GL TP52 - Gweilo Judel / Vrolijk Green Marine 200317 new rudder, Launched 2011 ex Container - New Keel
000010-0098-C V5 GL TP52 - Ambition Judel / Vrolijk McConaghy Boats Launched 2011 / 2013 Hull Structure /2016 New Rudder / 2019 ex 'Temptation III'. 191112-New Keel Fin-'52GK-All'
000011-0098-C-V2 GL TP52 - Matador Judel / Vrolijk & Co. Richard Gillies Structural Mod 2012
000015-0098-C GL 47ft - Katana Kernan Yacht Design Westerly Marine
000016-0098-C GL Highland Fling XII Reichel Pugh Yacht Design McConaghy Inc Launched 2011
000017-0098-Cv2 GL ZEN - Team Botin Carkeek Yacht Design Longitud Cero Modification - additional stringers - Launched 2011 ex Synergy
000018-0098-C GL Ker 43 - Ptarmigan - USA 49 Ker Yacht Design Salthouse Launched 2011
000020-0575-C DNV Class 40 - California Condor Antrim Associates Boat Builder Inc.
000021-0098-C GL IRC52 - Vela Veloce Botin Partners - Design No. 239 Longitud Cero
000023-0098-C GL 50 Cruiser - Judel / Vrolijk & Co. Knierim Yachtbau GmbH
000027-0098-Cv2 GL Hooligan Botin Partners King Marine 2020 - New keel 125B(BP273) IRC52 Keel Modifications Ex Azzurra
000028-0098-C-V6 DNVGL Lucky Judel / Vrolijk & Co New England Boat Works Ex Bella Mente 2017 Keel
000033-0098-C GL Elliott 57S - Opal Elliott Boat Design Ltd Knierim Yachtbau GmbH
000034-0098-C GL #99 Ker 50 CR Ker Yacht Design and Engineering SL McConaghy Boats Launched 2012
000036-0098-L GL Wallycentro - Hamilton of London Judel / Vrolijk & Co Green Marine, UK
000037-0098-C GL In 2014 this was update to a Series Certificate see 000037-0098-S
000038-0098-C GL Ker 50 - Veruna Ker Yacht Design and Engineering SL Knierim Yachtbau GmbH Launched 2012
000039-0098-C GL 65ft IRC Racer - Caro Botin Partners - Design No. 251 Knierim Yachtbau GmbH
000040-0098-C-V5 GL IRC 72 - Jethou (Ex STIG) Judel / Vrolijk & Co Baltic v5-190319-stern extension; 2019 new keel fin
000041-0098-C-v2 DNV.GL Carkeek 40 - Rebelion Carkeek Design Partners McConaghy China/Premier Composites V2 2017 new Keel and Keel structure modification
c000044-0609-C IMCI Radford 18.6m Graham Radford - Design No. 78 Neville Truman
000045-0098-C GL Class 40 Botin Partners - Design No. 250 Longitud Cero Launched 1013
000046-0098-C GL CNB 76 PBYD Construction Navale Bordeaux
000048-0098-L-V3 GL Wallycentro - Magic Carpet 3 Reichel Pugh Yacht Design - Design No. 208 Wally Europe Launched 2013
2017 Rudder
000050-0098-C GL B2 - BC227 IRC52 Launched 2012
000051-0609-C-v4 IMCI

IRC 72 - Caol Ila R
(Ex Alegre 3)

Mills Design Longitud Cero Composites, s.l.

v4 190321-rudder & keel modification, V3 2017 - Modified Keel

000058-0575-C DNV Extreme Light 42 Schnickler Tagliapietra Soleri Compositi
000059-0098-L-V2 GL Loyal 100 Juan Yacht Design (Initial) & Dovell Naval Architects (Refit)

TP Cookson (Initial) &
Yachting Developments Limited (Refit)

Relaunched 2013
000061-0474-C RINA (ITA) Class 40 Guilaume Verdier Cantiere Nautico Orioli Launched 2013
000062-0098-L GL Beau Gest Botin Partners & Pure TP Cookson
000064-0098-C GL Ker 46 - Patrice Ker Yacht Design McConaghy China Launched 2013 / New Keel December 2016
000065-1521-C HPI Shaw 12 - Blink Shaw Yacht Design C Partridge Yachts Ltd. Launched 2013
000067-0067-C-v3 IMCI Proteus (Ex Ran V) Judel/Vrolijk GmbH Persico Marine V3 2017 - Modified Keel
000068-0098-Cv2 DNV-GL TP52 - Phoenix 2014 Botin Partners King Marine v2 190321 - new rudder, new keel, Launched 2014
000069-0607-C ICNN Sun Fast 3600 No.1 & 2 Daniel ANDRIEU SPBI
000072-0609-C-v45 IMCI Vesper Judel/Vrolijk GmbH Persico Marine Ex 'Momo' v5 modified rudder V4 2017 - Modified keel
000073-0098-L GL-DNV Comanche (New 3) VPLP & Guillaumeverdier Hodgdon Yachts Keel Mods 2015
000074-0098-C GL-DNV High Spirit IRC 65 Botin Partners King Marine
000075-0098-C - V2 GL-DNV TP52 - Quantum Racing Botin Partners Longitud Cero Rudder Rev B
000077-0609-C IMCI Tizh 40 Guillaume Verdier BG Race
000078-0098-C GL-DNV Moody 54 DS No.11 Dixon Yacht Design Hanse Yacht AG
000080-0098-C GL-DNV HH42 No. 3 Judel / Vrolijk & Co Hudson Yacht and Marine
000081-0607-C ICNN Louise Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design Claasen Yachtbouw B.V.
000082-0098-C GL-DNV Moody 54 DS No.16 Dixon Yacht Design Hanse Yacht AG
000083-0098-Cv3 GL-DNV Patrice Botin Partners King Marine 2021 125D-1-8 Structural Layout, Stringer,Bulkhead, Ring Frame. 2020 New Keel125B BP273 IRC52 Keel Assembly RevB Ex Azzura
000084-0098-C-V2 GL-DNV TP52 - Alegre Botin Partners Longitud Cero Rudder Rev A
000085-0098-C-V2 GL-DNV TP52 - SLED Botin Partners Cookson Boats Rudder Rev A
000086-0098-Lv4 GL-DNV Scallywag Dovell Naval Architects

Innovative Composites
/ Ragamaffin Racing

2019-New rudders, Ex Ragamuffin 100 new keel 2017
000087-0609-C IMCI HH42 No.1 Oystercater XXX Judel / Vrolijk & Co Hudson Yacht and Marine
000088-0098-L-V2 GL-DNV Rambler 88 Juan K New England Boatworks
000089-0098-C-V2 GL-DNV TP52-Bronenosec Botin Partners King Marine Rudder Rev A
000090-0098-C GL-DNV Varuna Jason Ker Knierim Yachtbau
000091-0609-C IMCI Mills 41 - Ambush Mills Design McConaghys
000092-0098-C-V4 GL-DNV TP52 - Ran Judel / Vrolijk & Co 2017 New keel fin / Hull Shape December 2016
000093-0098-C-V3 GL-DNV TP52 - Platoon Judel / Vrolijk & Co 2016 Rudder / Keel Mod
000094-0098-C-V2 GL-DNV TP52 - Gladiator Judel / Vrolijk & Co 2016 Rudder
000095-0098-C-V3 GL-DNV TP52 - Provezza Judel / Vrolijk & Co Cookson Boats 2016 Rudder. 2016 Keel 02
000096-0098-C GL-DNV RP36 Reichel Pugh Yacht Design
000098-0098-C GL-DNV MB70 - BP264 Botin Partners
000099-0098-Cv4 GL-DNV KER 42 Black Baza - Seawolf Ker Design McConaghys Ex 'Black Baza', Launched 2015, New keel October 2016
000100-1521-C-v2 HPI Extended MAT 1150 Mills Design Ltd M.A.T Sailing Yachts Extended Version of Series Model
000101-1521-Cv3 HPI Hick 40 - Avalanche Robert Hick Hick Marine Keel Bulb increased to 2610kg
000102-0098-C-v2 DNVGL Interlodge IV Botin Partners New England Boatworks

v2 - 141A BP277 Keel Assembly RevA

141A-501 Rudder Construction_RevP2

000103-0098-C GL-DNV Elena Nova (42ft) Judel/Vrolijk & Co Algro Yachting sp.z.o.o. Launched 2015
000104-0098 GL-DNV IRC52 Team Beau Geste Botin Partners Cookson Boats
000105-0098v2 GL-DNV IRC 45' Concubine Mills Design Premier Composite Technologies New rudder 2017 (OCD-IMCI)
000108-0607-C ICNN Teasing Machine Joubert Nivelt Archambault
000110-0098-L GL-DNV Wally Cento #3 Reichel Pugh Yacht Design Green Marine Ltd
000112-0098-C GL-DNV Fox-IRC52 Botin Partners Cookson Boats
000113-0607-C ICNN C40 Drakkar Mabire Nivelt Mora
000114-0098-C DNV-GL Mini Maxi 72 Botin Partners Pepe Cannonball
000115-0609-C-v2 IMCI Mills M41C Mills Design Ltd. McConaghy Sales(HK) Ltd. 180706 Modification of rudder and keel (bulb and fin)
000116-0098-L DNV-GL RP251 - 90' All Smoke Reichel Pugh Yacht Design Southern Wind
000117-0098-Cv3 DNV-GL TP52 BP287 Botin Partners Gladiator 190502 - New bulb, new rudder Ex 'Interlodge V'
000119-0098-C ICNN Milon 41' Jackes Valer/Thomas Julien
000120-0098-L DNV-GL Baltic 130 - "My Song" Reicherl Pugh/Nauta Baltic Yachts
000121-0098-C DNV-GL Baltic 68 Reichel Pugh Baltic Yachts

000123-0098-Lv2 DNV-GL Tango Mills Design Ltd Persico Marine

Bulb weight reduced and fin extended '2019-02-25-Keel extension'

000124-0098-Cv5 DNV-GL IRC 52 Ichi Ban Botin Partners Longitud Cero

v2-190320-new keel

v3-191121-new rudder

v4-201214-Keel Assembly 2020RevA Sydney Hobart 2020, Water Ballast Panels 201211

v5-210806-Water Ballast and Keel

000129-0474-C RINA SW96 - Sorceress Farr - Nauta Southern Wind Shipyard
000133-0609-C IMCI LIFT 40 Marc Lombard Architecture Navale SARL JLM Class 40
000135-0609 IMCI H39 Humphreys Yacht Design Oceantec
000136-0609-Cv2 IMCI NMD54-Teasing Machine III Nivelt Muratet Design King marine S.A. v2-Rudder Modification
000137 IMCI NMD43 Nivelt - Muratet Design Philippe Frantz
000138-0098-Cv3 DNV-GL TP52-Alegre 2018 Botin Partners Longitud Zero v3-190320-Newkeel; 190129 New rudder
000139-0098-Cv2 DNV-GL TP52-Phoenix 2018 Botin Partners Persico Marine v2-190320-New Rudder and new keel bulb
000140-0098-Cv2 DNV-GL TP52 Botin Partners Naval Architecture Sled 2018 New rudder
000141-0098-C DNV-GL TP52 Botin Partners Naval Architecture Onda 2018
000142-0098-Cv2 DNV-GL TP52-Phoenix 2018 Botin Partners Persico Marine v2-190320-New Rudder and new keel bulb
000143-0098-Cv2 DNV-GL TP52 Botin Partners Naval Architecture Quantum Racing 2018 190221 New Rudder
000144 DNV-GL Dehler 46 - Wings Judel/Vrolijk & Co Dehler Yachts
000146-0098-C DNV-GL TP52 Botin Partners Luna Rossa
000149-0098-Cv2 DNV-GL TP52 Judel/Vrolijk & Co Platoon 130219 New keel
000150-0098-Cv2 DNV-GL TP52 Judel/Vrolijk & Co Provezza 130219 New keel
000152-0098-C DNV-GL Bella Mente Botin Partners Naval Architecture NEB Newport
000154-1521-Cv2 HPI Infiniti 46 Hugh Welbourn 190501 - New rudder and steering
000155-0098-L DNV-GL Nahita Judel/Vrolijk & Co Wally 93
000157-0098-C DNV-GL Cape Fling - BP308 Botin Partners
000158-0609-C IMCI Nightshift - J&V 36 Judel/Vrolijk & Co
000160-0609-Cv2 IMCI HH42#01-INO XXX Judel & Vrolik Ex 000052-0609-S Modification keel (bulb and fin) 02/06/20 Keel modification
000161-0609-C IMCI HH42#02-Rampage 2 Judel & Vrolik Ex 000052-0609-S Modification keel (bulb and fin)
000162-0098-C DNV-GL Ker 40 - Showtime Ker Yacht Design

Ex 000019-0098-S ex Midnight Rambler

July 2018 New keel - Dovell Naval Architects Pty Ltd

000163-0098-C DNV-GL Frers 57 - Shearwater Frers Naval Architecture McConaghy Boats


DNV-GL Apsaras

Reichel/Pugh-Nauta Yachts

Advanced Italian Yachts/Adria Sail Advanced 80
000166-0098-C DNV-GL Calypso Dixon Yacht Design Hanse Yachts AG Moody 54 DS
000170-2406-C ENAVE Neo 400 Ceccarelli Design
000172-0609-C IMCI HH42#04 Judel / Vrolijk & Co Hudson Yachts and Marine 190222 modification of keel (bulb and fin) ex 000052-0609-S
000171-0609-C IMCI Oui Fling Spirit Yachts Spirits Yachts
000174-0098-C DNVGL Bronenosec Botin Partners Longitud Cero BP326-TP52 2019
000176-0098-L DNVGL Deep Blue Botin Partners King Marine S.A. BP318-85' Racer
000178-1521-C HPi Pata Negra - Lombard IRC 46' Marc Lombard CSC Composites
000179-0609-C IMCI Lombard 34 Marc Lombard Pierre Gal
000184-2406-C ENAVE MMW 40 Bernard Nivelt - Michele Molino Mestral Marine Works
000187-0098-C DNGL ELAN 350 Humphries Yacht Design Elan
000189-1521-Cv2 HPI


XS Moment

Toy Box 2

Boat: Jeppesen, Rudder stock: Dovell Boat: X-Yachts, Rudder stock: Sydney Composite Solutions

000043-0609-S + Carbon fibre rudder stock designers drawing DNA 1904-001, HIN DK-XYA44201D111

1647 -003/REV.E for Toy Box 2 DK-XYA44238F212

000190-1521-C HPI IRC 34 Marc Lombard Marsaudon Composites Nutmeg VI
000191-1521-C HPI IRC 34 Marc Lombard Marsaudon Composites Azawakh
000195-0609-C IMCI Mylius 50 Alberto Simeone Mylius SRL Corum Daguet 2
000196-2406-C ENAVE ICE 52 Felci Ice Yachts Prima Vista
000197-2406-C ENAVE Grand Soleil 58P Felci / Nauta Cantiere del Pardo Leaps & Bounds
000203-2406-C ENAVE Max 40 Max 40 JPS Composites SEA Possible
000198-2406-L ENAVE Almagores II Farr Yacht Design Southern Winds Shipyards
000200-0098-C DNVGL Ker 46+ #2 Ker Yacht Design McConaghy Boats From 000126-0098-S Modified Hull Geometry and Rudder
000201-0098-C DNVGL BP321 Black Pearl Botin Partners King Marine
000206-0098-C DNVGL BP320 BP320 Outlier Botin Partners Brooklin Boat Yard
000207-0098-L DNVGL - 90' Globetrotter Tripp Design Naval Architecture Y Yachts
000208-0098-C DNVGL Fox BP 329 Botin Partners Naval Architecture Longitud Cero
000210-0098-C DNVGL BP 333 - Caro 3 Botin Partners Core Builders NZ
000212-0098-C DNVGL Reichel-Pugh McConaghy Australia RP285 55' Racer-Cruiser
000213-1521-C HPi Reprieve Stephen Jones Rustler Yachts Rustler 37
000214-0098-C DNVGL Elida Thomas Tison Yacht Design & Engineering Jan Brügge Bootsbau GmbH TT48
000219-0098-L DNVGL Skorpios Juan K Naval Architects Nautor's Swan
000222-0609-C IMCI Crosscall Marc Lombard Naval Architects GL Composite
000224-2406-L ENAVE Ammonite Farr Yacht Design / Nauta Design Southern Winds Shipyard Built to RINA Rules with class C HULL MACH; Ych; short range
000227-0098-C DNVGL Namadgi Farr Yacht Design Bavaria Yachtbau HIN: DE-BAVL46N1B717
000228-0098-C DNVGL Oystercatcher XXXV Carkeek Design Fibre Mechanics
000229-0098-C DNVGL Warrior Team New Zealand Cookson Boats Ex 'Camper'
000231-0609-C IMCI Eora Marc Lombard Naval Architects Innovation Composites Pty Ltd
000232-0609-C IMCI Toy Box 2 Boat: Jeppesen, Rudder stock, keel fin & bulb: Dovell Boat: X-Yachts, Rudder stock: Sydney Composite Solutions, Keel Williams Engineering 000043-0609-S + (000189-1521-C Carbon fibre rudder stock designers drawings 1647-003/REV.E -DKXYA44238F212)+ new keel fin & rudder
000234-0098-C DNVGL Ker 40+ Ker Yacht Design McConaghy Yachts
000236-0098-C DNVGL Carkeek IRC 43 racer Carkeek Design Composite Constructions
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