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You can find a structure chart of World Sailing's governance here.

For details of the meetings of the World Sailing governing bodies (including agendas, minutes and supporting papers), please see our meeting pages here

Constitution & Regulations

The World Sailing Constitution is available here.

The World Sailing Regulations are available here, including a marked-up version showing changes from the last version.

You can find the official interpretations issued of the Constitution and Regulations here.

Annual General Meeting

As a company, General Meetings of the membership are the supreme decision-making body of World Sailing. Member National Authorities (MNAs) are entitled to send one voting delegate to each General Meeting.

The AGM is held every November at the end of the Annual Conference. In every fourth year, in the November following the Olympic Games, the AGM is known as the "General Assembly" and this is where the election of the Board of Directors occurs.

Extraordinary General Meetings can be called from time to time by the Board of Directors or by a request of at least 10% of MNAs. General Meetings are chaired by the President, except during elections when the Chairman of the Election Committee presides.

You can find the most recent information about the latest AGM here. You can find details of our member national federations (known as MNAs) here.


The World Sailing Council is the main policy-making body of World Sailing. It consists of the Board members, elected representatives of the MNAs (known as Council Groups) and a number of representatives of particular disciplines. The present Council has 42 members and is chaired by the President.

Council meets usually twice a year in May and November. At each meeting, Council receives reports from the Board and decides on submissions from World Sailing Members and recommendations from its committees. Council is also responsible for approving World Sailing's strategic priorities on the recommendation of the Board.

MNA representatives on Council are elected every four years in the months prior to the General Assembly.


The World Sailing Board is a non-executive board of directors who are responsible for the corporate and financial affairs of World Sailing, preparing the strategic priorities of World Sailing for Council's approval, and the implementation of Council's policy decisions.

The Board is also responsible for the appointment and supervision of the work of the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Office (the World Sailing staff).
There are nine members of the World Sailing Board: the President, seven Vice Presidents and the Chairman of the Athletes' Commission (an ex officio member).

The President and Vice Presidents are elected every four years by the MNAs at the General Assembly.

The Board meets monthly by conference call and quarterly in person. You can find the minutes of the Board meetings here.

You can find more details about the elected Board of World Sailing here.

Committees and Commissions

Committees are appointed by Council to advise it on policy matters. They consist of up to 15 members and meet once a year in person at the Annual Conference. A number of Committees have Sub-committees considering specialist areas.

Unless permitted by their terms of reference, the function of committees is to advise Council on what action to take. All submissions are first considered by a committee before being decide on by Council.

Commissions are specialist bodies who are appointed by, and report to, the Board of Directors (with the exception of the Ethics Commission which is an independent body).

You can find out who are the members of the Committees and Commissions here.

Chief Executive Officer & Executive Office

The Chief Executive Officer is the senior permanent member of staff of World Sailing. They are appointed by the Board and are delegated operational authority over World Sailing's operations (subject to the supervision of the Board).

The Chief Executive Officer maintains the Executive Office (the headquarters of the Federation) and employs a number of staff who work there.

Details of World Sailing's Executive Office structure can be found here.

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