Event Partners

Racing Rules Committee

Ana Sanchez del Campo (ESP)

Richard Slater (AUS)
Andrus Poksi (EST) Bence Borocz (HUN)

Bernard Bonneau (FRA)

Christina Ortendahl (SWE)
Dick Rose (USA) Finn Mrugalia (GER)
Gonzalo Heredia (ARG) Helmut Czasny-Bonomo (AUT)
Jamie Sutherland (NZL)

Jon Napier (GBR)

Line Juhl (DEN) Luigi Bertini (ITA)
Marina Psychogyiou (GRE) Natalia Chubenko (RUS)
Qu Chun (CHN) Ricardo Lobato (BRA)

Terms of reference

6.11.7 The Racing Rules Committee shall:

(a) (a) formulate, revise and approved Racing Rules on behalf of Council, in accordance with Regulation 28.;

(b) (b) consider and decide submissions that propose or suggest changes in the Racing Rules in accordance with Regulation 28;

(c) (c) consider recommendations from and decisions of other committees that might affect the Racing Rules;

(d) (d) include in the Racing Rules the following:

(i) the authority given to national authorities, organizing authorities, race committees, protest committees, umpires, technical committees, and other race officials in the conducting of races;

(ii) procedures to be used when conducting races;

(iii) the responsibilities of boats, competitors, support persons, and boat owners before, during and after racing;

(iv) rules that apply when boats meet;

(v) methods of dealing with breaches of rules (as defined in the RRS) and the imposition of penalties;

(vi) other disciplinary measures;

(vii) provisions for appealing decisions of protest committees; and

(viii) references to appropriate regulations, including the Eligibility, Advertising, Anti-Doping, Betting & Anti-Corruption, Disciplinary, Appeals and Review Codes.

(e) (e) approve all authoritative interpretations made by World Sailing of the Racing Rules (including cases and calls) and reviewing all other educational material published by World Sailing concerning the Racing Rules;

(f) (f) (working together with the Race Officials Committee) approve World Sailing Racing Rules Questions and Answers;

(g) (g) publish on the World Sailing website the World Sailing Match Racing Rapid Response Calls and the World Sailing Team Racing Rapid Response Calls;

(h) (h) communicate and cooperate with other committees on matters related to the Racing Rules;

(i) (i) work for continued improvement of rule observance;

(j) (j) work for standardization and improvement of notices of race and sailing instructions;

(k) (k) consider and debate other subjects related to the Racing Rules; and

(l) (l) formulate and approve the Introductory Rules for Racing.



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